Awareness is the key

We want to promulgate and promote awareness to the residence of San Francisco of what are the things they can avail so they can take advantage of the programs that the Government has made available for them. San Francisco is striving hard to help these families but the problem is most of the families are not aware of the programs and assistance they can get. The success of these programs is contingent to the numbers of the families that benefited to the program.

Let’s Use Technology

Communication has never been easier through the help of technology. By simply browsing our website, you can save hours of trip to their facility. You will get the same answers anyway. We can’t deny that human touch is indeed still the best communication. But it could be time consuming which will require time and energy. Why don’t you use online resources and get the same results?

Other Assistance Provided:

Did you know that the state will also help you level up your career? They will also assist your children get quality education by simply availing the programs they established just for you.

Education assistance

In today’s world, one should have education to land a good employment opportunity. The state will assist you in completing GED, vocational courses, computer literacy, and college applications

Career development

Getting a good employment is not easy even you have diploma. The state offers you apprenticeship, trainings and relevant experience that you can use to land a good employment.