Children’s Council of San Francisco Offers Help

We know that child care is a constant problem of working moms. If you are one of them, be rest assured that San Francisco Government hasn’t forgotten you. We have received numbers of queries about child care problems. The issues we’ve been receiving is the lack of trust to private child care businesses on how they take care of their young ones while their working. San Francisco Government wants to help you by allocating a program and budget to help families earn a living with a peace of mind that their children are in good hands.

In Collaboration with HSA

HSA has collaborated with Children’s Council of San Francisco in funding your childcare needs. We could also recommend reputable child care facilities to ensure your child’s safety.

Children and Family Services Agency You Can Trust

We are in partnership with Wu Yee Children’s Services to provide you referral services and child care resources to find the perfect child care company for your children. They are established since 1997. They have support groups such as parent support groups, workshops on parenting and health education, and professional consultation with parents about autism and children’s healthy. They also has facilities to assist your growing child’s learning progress like computer centers and children libraries.

There are other programs that you might be qualified to avail that support wellness of children and families. To learn more visit: